Pool during open hours: 513-871-1379
Voicemail for board during whole year: 513-533-1307

3605 Totten Ave, Cincinnati, OH, United States
Mailing Address:  PO Box 8143, 45208


When are bills due each year?
3/15 each year.  Between 3/15 - 4/1, there is a $50 late fee assessed.  Between 4/1 and 4/10, there is a $100 late fee accessed.  After 4/10, your membership is expired and your spot it given to the next person on the wait list.

Can I bring a guest to the pool and how many guests can I bring?
Yes, and you personally must check in each guest at the front desk.  This is to protect you from getting improperly billed for a guest that is incorrectly using your name to get in the pool.  This does happen by the way.  Your membership can have up to 10 guests per day at a rate of $5/day/guest.  A guest is any person that comes into the pool, regardless of age or if they are actually swimming or not.  If you have more than 10 guests, that is a party with a different set of rules that must be planned in advance.

Where can I find the pool rules and regulations?
Click About Us in the top navigation and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Member Rules and Regulations button.

What does going Inactive mean and how do I do it?
​Being Inactive means you want to put your membership on hold for the upcoming year (with no membership privileges that year).  This will allow you to rejoin at any time without having to apply, go back on the waitlist, and pay the initiation fee again.  This costs $75/year + tax and you need to tell the board by February 1st each year that you want to maintain this status or go back to active.  Email mtlookoutswimclub@gmail.com to let the board know by February 1st.  

Mt. Lookout Swim & Tennis Club